Inspiration comes in many forms: The Drawing Hope Project.

I often get asked

“Dan, where in the hell do you come up with these ideas of yours?”

Good question. Inspiration comes in many forms. I get my inspiration from books, movies even song lyrics. But there is one guy out there who is taking inspiration from children’s drawings.

Shawn Van Daele of The Drawing Hope Project turns drawings done by children suffering with health conditions into “a magical storybook of hope”. I stumbled across this project today and it struck a chord with me. I’ve always wanted to turn my talents towards helping people; especially disadvantaged children.

I really like Shawn’s work here. He’s captured the children’s drawings perfectly and utilised some great camera/photoshop techniques. I hope you will all help support this work and spread the word.


  • Ian Sutherland

    First off, nice work on the new site Dan.
    Great blog post. I am just taking my first steps out of point and shoot mode, and i am following your advice closely.
    I often browse your work on 500px and as you already know I highly rate your work. its great to see you share your experience and good sound advice on here.
    I will be back for more. bookmarked!

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