Day 9 – Vote for me to be “Photographer of the Year” in RAW Artist’s RAWards 2012

So yesterday I was pitching for the female vote… today I’m going for the guys…. Hello boys!!

Things I learned during this shoot include:
1. My dress size is 14.
2. Purple brings out my eyes.
3. Underwired bras poke you in the armpit.
4. 3 hours is a realistic time for women to get ready.
5. Blondes definitely have more fun.

On a serious note I hope this made you laugh today. Let’s keep the votes coming (I have no idea how well I’m doing, I just hope I didn’t wear a yellow bra for nothing)

Here’s how to vote:

Step 1. Register to vote, if you haven’t already

If you have already registered then login

Step 2. Visit My Profile page

Step 3. Click “Vote Now”

You can vote once a day, every day, until October 15th.

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