Day 14 – Vote for me to be RAWards photographer of the year 2012

So, here we are, the final day of RAWards voting and my last reason for you to vote for me; I’m Dan Howard.

I’m a photographer and I love what I do. I don’t capture moments, I don’t freeze time and I definitely don’t make visual poems. I take photos and make cool stuff. I stay true to the craft and use the technology to it’s fullest extent.

I’ve really enjoyed the last two weeks and I hope I’ve entertained you all enough for you to laugh and remember my work, ’cause Lord knows I’ve enjoyed doing it for you.

This is the last day of voting. Anyone can vote so if you like what you see gimme a click using the links below…

Step 1.
Register to vote, if you haven’t already, at

If you have already registered then login at

Step 2.
Visit My Profile page at

Step 3. Click “Vote Now”

Today, Oct 15th, is your last day to vote.

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