David White Stereo Realist Camera (1941) Test Drive

A couple of months ago I snagged myself my first 35mm Film Stereo Camera. A 1941 Stereo Realist manufactured by the David White Company, Milwaukee, WI.

It’s a pretty sweet camera, built like a tank, straightforward to shoot (as long as you stop and think before shooting).

Here’s the camera… take no notice of the ungodly wallpaper.

David White Stereo Realist (1941)

David White Stereo Realist (1941)

I took this camera around Arizona and Viroqua, WI and here’s the results in animated .gif format… wiggle photos!







Why I do what I do

Dan Howard - Photographers in Viroqua, WI

I’ve never been one to do things by half. So when I decided to turn my attention to wedding photography I said,

“You know what, if I’m going to do this, I’m doing this the right way – the way wedding photography should be.”

This all started soon after I got married. Being a professional photographer looking for a wedding photographer is a nightmare. Not only do you have to find someone who has a style which you, as a photographer, find appealing but you’re constantly contending with that little thing in the back of you mind saying “Jesus! Why are they doing it like that? It’s so stupid!’

Phan Thi Kim Phuc - Trang Bang

I pretty much walked out of the womb holding a camera. I’ve been shooting people for years. I’m passionate about photography, particularly people. I get inspired by humanity, our lives, our loves, the good times and the bad. I understand the emotions that run through us when we see photographs of ourselves and other human beings. The feelings of joy and sadness. I believe that a photo has the power to change the world – and many have. Photos like the napalm attack near Trang Bang by Phan Thi Kim Phuc are iconic and their emotions stay with us.

I believe that wedding photography has the same power. The power to signify that iconic moment in your life. The power to carry those emotions through history. The power to make you fall in love each and every single time you see those images.

Defining My Approach to Wedding Photography

Photographers in prairie du Chien, viroqua wisconsin - the BarnWhen I decided to put myself out there as a wedding photographer I listed all the things that straight up irritated me about my own personal search for a wedding photographer, and I made them disappear.

My biggest pet-peeve was “Time Limits”. Here’s what other wedding photographers do…

“Soooo, you can go for the Gold package, which is like only $1,500, plus travel expenses plus you need to feed me and you get me for 6 hours. Or there’s the Platinum package which is like another $600 and you get me for 8 hours. Or you can go for the Platinum Diamond package for like $3,200 and you get me for 10 hours. Or there’s the Super Deluxe Platinum Dimond Encrusted Bridal Special for only $4,500 and you get me for like a whole 12 hours and it comes with a side of fries and a coke.”

OK, I exaggerate, no one said coke – it was Pepsi. But the point is that firstly, as a client, I have no idea how long my wedding is going to be. I don’t want to have to worry if my photographer is going to stick around till we cut the cake. And secondly, what a way to make me feel like I’m lower class.

As a photographer, this approach is bollocks. Any photographer who has this approach is not in it because they’re passionate about photography. They’re not looking to provide clients with a lasting record of their entire day so they can fall in love again and again. They’re in it because they can make money and still get part of their weekend back.

That’s why I offer one single package. I’m there. All day. My clients say when they want me to start and when they want me to finish. I’ll cover their wedding breakfast and their midnight fireworks. Every second that ticks by on their wedding day is just another opportunity for memories to be made and emotions to be immortalized.

Next on the list: Prints and getting photos.

So, you pay all that money and then you find out that you need to pay more to get your photos.

“Oh, what’s that? You want your photos on CD (what is this, 2003?) sure, that’ll be another $50.” “Oh you want a photobook, sure that’ll be another $350.” “Here’s my print price list, my prices start at $5 for a 4 x 6.”

What!? Are you printing them on unicorn skin?

I simply don’t agree with this approach at all. That’s why I give all of my clients full resolution images and the rights to print them. They can upload them to any online print company and get exactly what they need for a price that suits them. No extra charges. No surprises.

In Conclusion

Megan and Andrew's Wedding. La Crosse, Wisconsin

Is it hard work to be on your feet all day shooting a wedding? Sure. Is it hard to work through an average of 2,500 images from a wedding and edit them? Absolutely. Is it rough when you’ve spent all day shooting a wedding and then stay up all night editing the images because you’re just so damn excited? Every. Single. Time. Let’s not forget updating websites, making calls, dealing with accounts and all that other lovely administrative stuff. Yeah, it’s hard work. But I love it. I love photography. I love people. I love the story of humanity and my ability to witness it and photograph it. Now I have moved and I’m one of the photographers in Viroqua, WI and I’m excited about the new area. I’m looking forward to bringing my renewed sense of passion to the region and making some epic photography.

Dan Howard - Photographer and Graphic Designer Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin

I love photography and I’ll keep shooting till someone rips my arms off and gauges my eyes from my skull.


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Wedding at The Barn – Prairie du Chien – Aspenson – Kleven

Congratulations to Brad and Kelsey Kleven.

Here’s a little recap on this wedding shot at the Barn, Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin.

These guys just make me go all “aaaawwwwww”. I really had a great time with Brad and Kelsey throughout their time with me. From engagement shoot to wedding day, it’s been awesome to see them start this next chapter.

A couple of highlights for me from the day had to be the choice of pie over cake. If there’s one thing that Dan Howard loves, it’s pie, and I got to sample some! The best man’s speech was hilarious and the tradition of smoking some cigars was kept alive once again.

And yes, I photographed the groomsmen next to an army tank, smoking cigars, it’s how I roll!

Hasta la vista, baby!

Quick Details:
Coverage time: 10 hours
Number of photos: 338