A world full of wedding photographers. 30 Weddings across the globe.

Most couples tend to only get married just the once. (Or in my case twice…. to the same woman…. 6 months apart.) (Yes it’s true, I may recount the fairytale at some point later.)

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By Kevin Heslin

But for Alex and Lisa from Manchester they are getting married no less than 30 times over two years at various places across the globe (you can see the current map here) hiring a string of wedding photographers along the way. All in an effort to experience the many cultures this planet has to offer, as well as to show the world how the varying cultures celebrate the unification of two people.

At the end of the trip they will decide on the best place to get married and officially tie the knot; IF they have any cash left that is. Having recently got married, for the second time, I know the cost of a decent wedding.

It’s certainly not the cheapest wedding idea you’re ever likely to hear about but it will be something great to tell the kids later I’m sure. As well as the countless memories that this trip will bring them they will also have what is sure to be the world’s greatest and most diverse wedding photo album ever. So far 17 wedding photographers are listed and some of the shots are absolutely amazing.

If they ever come to Wisconsin I’d be very happy to shoot them in a traditional Wisconsin wedding ceremony. (Not sure if there is such a thing but if there is it probably involves beer, cheese and a cow dressed in tuxedo… maybe)

I really like this project and will be following it closely on their Facebok Page.

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By Jonny Draper

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By Jonas Seaman

You can see the rest of their photos at their Blog

See you later

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